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Photography assignment 2

The second week of the course is about aperture, which is the hole where the light travels through. The key things I learnt are:

  • The lower the aperture, the more light is allowed into the camera and the smaller the depth of field (i.e. area that is in focus on the photograph)
  • The higher the aperture, the higher ISO value may be required to make the camera more sensitive to light. With high aperture and low ISO, the shutter speed becomes very high and it is more likely to create a blurred image of the object. However the higher ISO value the lower the quality of the photo (i.e. more noises).

Below are the five photos I submitted for my assignment. They were all taken by Canon 100D with the 18-55 mm lens and under the AP mode.

1. Example of low aperture

Upload 5

This photo was taken with a low aperture of 4.0. Therefore the focuses area is small and the background is blurred out.

2. Example of high aperture

Upload 4

The aperture is higher for this photo (at f10). Hence the focused area is bigger and we can see more of the background.

3. Anna sucking the shaker

Upload 1

I could have zoomed out a bit more to have a larger background for the purpose of demonstrating the effect of low aperture.

4. Anna playing with a strand of hair

Upload 2 

This is a nice photo with good light. I must admit it doesn’t fit in with the topic particularly. I just want to show a nice photo of Anna. Let’s test your eye sight. Can you see the strand of hair?

5. Anna playing with spaghetti

Upload 3
This is a great photo of Anna’s lunch time. The teacher advised me to take a bit more of the tray to show where the spaghetti comes from. Again I wasn’t trying to stay close to the topic with this photo either.


My focus has improved from last time. But I should be more creative to make sure Anna’s photos are more relevant to our topic.


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  1. somdattadeb
    January 28, 2016

    good one

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