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"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" – John 3:16

Our hope for her future

Simon and I often talk before going to bed, either when I give her the dream feed or when she has already fallen sleep. One night somehow we came to the discussion about how fast she has been growing.

She is now approaching her toddlerhood. Childhood will be next and then teenhood will come. Now she depends us for everything, but she will come to an age when she won’t need us anymore and will start her own family.

Jokingly I said, ‘She only needs to meet a handsome and successful guy, then she will be sorted.

Simon told me, ‘I think you are looking at the wrong criteria. She needs a faithful Christian man.

I laughed, ‘I still like a faithful Christian man who is handsome and successful.

It is only a joke, of course. But thinking more seriously about it, I know what we want the most for her isn’t a handsome and successful faithful Christian husband, even though it is great if she does find a faithful Christian husband for herself.

What we want the most for her is to become a Christian herself, i.e. to have Jesus Christ in her life. Because we know that when God guides her in life, no matter whether she is single or married, whether she is rich or poor, whether she is sick or healthy, whether she is near us or not, she will live with joy and have her church family support her.

More importantly we know she will have an eternal life with God. What is the point of having everything in this world for a temporary lifetime of maximum 100 years, but losing the permanent eternal life of even more than trillions and trillions of years with God?

But it is not for us to decide whether she will have Jesus in her life. God is in control and he will decide whether to choose her or not. We can only try our best in raising her as Christian parents  and praying for her each day. We know God is just and loving. He has his plan for each of us and he will make it happen in his own time.


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