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Anna’s first Christmas 

This is Anna’s first Christmas. She had so much fun.

Christmas tree

It started to be very festive from the end of November when we had our Christmas tree up. We bought this tree together with lots of the decorations from a garden centre.


Church nativity

Our church organised a nativity for the little children. Apart from the main characters, all little girls are angels and all little boys are shepherds. At the birth of Jesus, all the angels and shepherds suddenly appeared. We then got the opportunity to be on the stage and sing ‘Silent Night’.

Carol service by candlelight

She also went to a carol service by candlelight. She was really fascinated by the songs and light, enjoying looking around. We had some warm and tasty mulled wine.

Early Christmas with auntie

She had an early Christmas with her auntie and absolutely loved the present. She kept holding on to it very tightly.

Christmas baby class

Her baby class organised a special Christmas session. All the little babies were dressed up in their Christmas outfits. We had great time shaking the rattles along with the Christmas songs. We all danced around a Christmas tree and were covered in beautiful bubbles. We also watched a Christmas puppet show.


Christmas baby concert

We went to a baby classical concert. It started with French music played by a pianist and a violinist. It ended with lovely Christmas songs. We met lots of our friends there. We all danced together.


Christmas with granny and grandad

Anna had a lovely time with her granny and grandad. We went to stay with them over Christmas. We didn’t drive but went by train because Anna often got bored at the back of the car and would cry a lot.


Granny and grandad prepared lovely toys for Anna. They played and read books with her.


They also bought special decorations with her name on it.


Christmas Eve

Anna was very popular. Lots of people came to visit her and brought her lovely presents too.


Christmas Day

We went to the Christmas service in the morning. It is nice to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth with others and get reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.


Before lunch, we took a family photo. We had to pose and retake many times to get a nice photo, in which everyone looked at the camera with open eyes.


Granny and grandad cooked a big traditional Christmas lunch with turkey and stuffings. They also made delicious puddings and two big Christmas cakes. We all ate a lot.


We then opened presents in the afternoon. Anna got lots of presents.


The evening ended with a scrabble game.


Ann was a bit teething with red cheeks and itchy gum. But it didn’t affect her much. She slept and ate more than usual, probably because there was a lot to take in. She didn’t enjoy the bath time very much because she didn’t have her usual bath, but we managed. Overall, Anna was very happy and enjoyed her time greatly.


2 comments on “Anna’s first Christmas 

  1. dolster12
    December 28, 2015

    Love the baby nativity idea. Very cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ngan
      December 29, 2015

      Thanks Dolina! I thought it was a good idea too. Sweet to see them on the stage.


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